Doctors are not always good patients. We play down our symptoms, delay consulting a GP, and are reluctant to take advice, even though we know that "the doctor who treats himself has a fool for a physician".

Recognising Illness

If you have a concern about a physical symptom, be smart – don't try to assess it yourself. Consult a general practitioner, whether you are yourself a GP or a specialist.

If you have concerns about your emotional wellbeing, you can use two online tools:

  1. the Kessler 10, and
  2. the ProQOL

to see whether you should be seeking further advice.

For difficulties with alcohol use, try the AUDIT Questionnaire.

Advice and Support

beyondblue has many resources to help people recognise symptoms of anxiety and depression, and to find out about available treatments. A good start is to call DHAS. Some medical defence organisations also have free, confidential services for doctors, so depending on your problem, it may be worthwhile to contact them to find out what may be available for you.