Thursday March 21, 2019
Park Royal Airport Hotel, Melbourne

In March, the Australasian Doctors' Health Network will be hosting an open forum on issues relating to doctors' wellness

Many medical organisations and individual doctors have been working toward ensuring a more secure basis for wellbeing among doctors and medical students by creating positive, supportive environments that reflect the deepest values of the profession.

We've scheduled the forum to maintain the momentum established by ADHC2017 and the National Forum on the Prevention of Physician Suicide, both of which were held in Sydney in Sept 2017.

The forum also looks ahead to ADHC2019 which is being held in Perth in November, 2019.

Please come and contribute to the national discussion.

Tickets are available via this link

For further information contact the  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Sydney Morning Herald, Saturday November 3, 2018


I discovered CrazySocks4Docs Day – held annually on June 1 – only this year. The day aims to "encourage conversations about mental health and help reduce the stigma for doctors experiencing mental illness". This discovery overwhelmed me.

Almost exactly 30 years earlier, as an intern in the central Queensland city of Rockhampton, I had tried to kill myself. Today I am president of a specialist college, but I had kept the entire episode to myself and tried to forget it. I am deeply ashamed of not learning from my own experience sooner and using it to help others.


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How safe are older doctors?

March 27, 2018

How safe are older doctors? - Featured Image

Older doctors are considerably more likely to be the subject of an AHPRA notification than their younger peers, according to new research. The University of Melbourne study, which looked at all 12,878 notifications lodged with Australian medical regulators over a four-year period, found doctors over the age of 65 had 37% more notifications than their younger peers, aged 36 to 60.


By David Millett, 16 July 2015

A survey of more than 600 UK doctors, carried out by medico-legal organisation the Medical Protection Society (MPS), found that 85% of doctors reported experiencing mental health issues at some point in their career. A total of 32% said they had experienced depression during their medical career, while 13% had experienced suicidal thoughts. Three quarters (75%) said they had suffered from stress, 49% anxiety and 36% from low self-esteem.